What to Consider When Designing Your Own Pavilion

Calling all young architects! Are you looking for a challenge? Watch the YouTube video “How to design your pavilion.” The video explains how to build a model for a simple pavilion. It starts by outlining a sketch for a pavilion. The host of the video challenges young architects to design their models and upload pictures to the host’s website. It also encourages students to be inspired by nature.

Video Source

This is a great exercise for budding architects.

Should I Study Architecture?

If you’re a young student looking for direction in life, you might be inspired to start your studies in a field like architecture. This exciting career could take you globally, where you might design plans for buildings in foreign countries. Or, it could keep you home where you’ll design buildings and structures locally. As an architecture major, you’ll learn about different architectural designs throughout the ages.

You may suddenly notice the outline and architectural designs of buildings in your hometown. You may even begin to identify the era these buildings originate from simply by looking at their architectural design. You’ll learn exciting facts about architecture and its evolution over the centuries. However, getting back to the challenge, you may be interested in designing an alpine pavilion model for your challenge. This design features an old-world design inspired by mountain lodges and ski resorts. If you aren’t studying architecture yet, it may be a great challenge to motivate you.


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