4 Tips to Consider When Investing in Louvered Pergolas

Louvered pergolas can greatly enhance a property. Done right, they are expensive, but worth the investment. In this video, the presenter discusses four critical factors to consider when contemplating the construction of your pergola.

The first consideration is location. A key component of this decision is whether the pergola will be up against the house or freestanding on its own. The second is how the louvers open on louvered roof pergolas in regard to the sun. The third is the desired dimensions. The last essential consideration is its design and color scheme.

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There are benefits both to a pergola that is attached to the house and one that is freestanding. The former is a unique extension of the home into the outdoor space. The latter is an additional place to go while outside to be protected from the elements. Also, having it freestanding gives you more control of where you put it and how your orient it. The ideal is to open the louvers to the north. This lets you let in or shut out as much sun as you want throughout the day.

Regardless of what color the pergola is, the presenter recommends white louvers. They reflect the sun and give you more control over temperature. Darker louvers will absorb sunlight and make it harder to keep the area cool on sunny days.


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