How to Install Secondary Glazing on Common Windows

Secondary glazing provides a practical and budget-friendly solution to combat heat loss and reduce external noise in your home, especially for those with common windows like sash or casement windows. To successfully install secondary glazing, accurate measurements are essential. For sash windows, measure the width two centimeters from each side of the beading and the height from the ball nosing to two centimeters above the upper beading.

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For casement windows, measure two centimeters beyond either side of the interior window frame. Once measurements are secured, order the necessary materials, including two-millimeter clear acrylic sheets, steel, and magnetic tape, from a local supplier. Installation is straightforward: wipe the window frame with a damp cloth, position the secondary glazing ensuring even spacing, and draw the panel outline with a pencil.

Remove one side of the protective film, attach magnetic tape to the corner, and cut through. Apply steel tape along the inside of the pencil mark, folding it at the edge. Align the magnetic and steel tape and fit the panel in place, accounting for potential window movement with the extra two centimeters. Finally, lift the panel to enjoy easy window opening. This do-it-yourself method ensures an effective secondary glazing solution for common windows, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency in your home.


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