Questions to Ask Your Local Air Conditioning Service

In this section of the YouTube video titled “Questions for HVAC Contractors On BIDS!”, HVAC contractor Joshua Griffin stresses the critical importance of asking questions during the bidding process when hiring a contractor for a heating or local air conditioning service. Operating in the Middle Peninsula and Northern Neck of Virginia, Griffin highlights that the ability of a contractor to explain why they sell a specific brand is a key factor that homeowners should consider.

To assist homeowners in comparing contractors, Griffin introduces his new website,, which provides a questionnaire as a gift to those who sign up.

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This questionnaire aims to help homeowners make informed decisions by posing essential questions to contractors. Griffin emphasizes the significance of understanding the reasoning behind proposed systems and warranties, as well as comprehending the offered upgrades and the rationale behind them.

Additionally, Griffin introduces as a consumer resource for purchasing heating and air systems. He likens it to a CPA for taxes, providing information not typically shared by contractors and manufacturers. The website features a dedicated page highlighting “no-no’s” or things to avoid in the HVAC purchasing process.

The overall message encourages viewers to be educated and prepared when purchasing an HVAC system. By asking the right questions and utilizing resources like and, homeowners can navigate the process more effectively and make well-informed decisions about their heating and air systems.


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