How to Use a Propane Tank

It doesn’t matter if it is driving a car, using a computer, or working with a propane tank, because often times the first time we do anything, it can feel a bit unsure if not downright intimidating. That’s okay, because even for those folks who have used propane to heat and cook with for years, even having a refresher course on propane safety is better than the other option. How to safely work with and use a propane tank is also the topic of the attached video and a good resource for anyone who is new to using propane or just wants to touch up on their propane safety.

Video Source

There are a few key points when it comes to working with propane that should be noted. First, it is important to always remember that propane is highly explosive. In other words, keep away from open flames. Next, don’t forget to check your regulator and tank valve for anything unusual (e.g., misshapen ring, cracks, etc.), and stop if you do. Last but not least, do a leak test after you have connected your tank and opened the valve to the on position. Propane tanks, like many things we often use, are easy once you have had some experience using them. Stay safe and enjoy your propane tank.


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