Your Guide to Modern Rustic Home Design

Ever wonder what makes something “modern rustic”? The term itself actually provides a lot of insight. Modern rustic seeks to combine elements of both “modern” designs and “rustic” designs. Modern styles are often favored these days, but some people find them too cold or plain. By combining modern sensibilities with rustic design choices, and using rustic furniture, it’s possible to create spaces that are warmer and more inviting.

Modern rustic designs often focus on contrasting colors. Wood is a favorite with this design approach because wood can add a natural feel and a lot of warmth to spaces. Wood also pairs well with many of the favored materials in modern design, like concrete and steel. It’s typically a good idea to pick contrasting dark and light colors when selecting both modern and rustic furniture. This will allow you to create a lot of eye-popping contrast.

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Rustic utilizes uneven, naturally occurring lines. Modern designs, meanwhile, emphasize straight, clean lines. By combining the two, you can break up the edges in your spaces. When done right, this can add a lot of charm to a room or home. Further, modern aesthetics frequently emphasize smooth surfaces. With rustic elements, you can add rougher surfaces, like bark, to change things up. Take all of the above into mind, and you’ll be on your way to creating a charming and inviting space.


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