Top Interior Design Tips to Consider

If you’re a fan of interior designer Kelly Wearstler, you’ll enjoy hearing her favorite design tips. Her YouTube video, “Kelly Wearstler’s Best Design Advice,” is produced by Kelly’s friendly and knowledgeable manner welcomes her fans, as she shares her views.

Kelly begins by talking about her love for the natural of style Australia. Kelly believes the Australian style is as free and buoyant as a kangaroo. She says Australia is a wonderful place, full of enchanting scenery and fascinating people. Kelly’s tastes reflect the natural beauty of Australia. She favors wall colors that echo the matte greens and browns of the eucalyptus forests. To calm spirits, she recommends the pale blue and sandy white of Bondi Beach for the bedroom.

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Kelly continues by giving the viewers her philosophy of interior design. When planning the design for a home, designers shouldn’t be afraid to take risks. A designer should always follow their heart. If you know what you want, but need help to carry it out, contact an interior design contractor. Regarding decorations, Kelly again invites people to trust their feelings. She encourages viewers to discover unique treasures in artisan shops. Kelly also loves the look of vintage light fixtures, faucets, and doorknobs. Kelly signs off by reminding us to work hard but savor life and love.


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