How to Make Your Home the Envy of the Neighborhood

Moving into a new neighborhood can be a very daunting and nerve-wracking experience, especially if you’re eager to make a good first impression. But, alongside all of your other commitments such as work and parenting, you’re probably still expected to maintain the house. Not only can this add to your ever-growing list of stressors, but it can also make you feel incompetent, compared to your neighborhood peers. Therefore, this article will offer a range of useful tips and tricks to help you increase your curb appeal without the stress.

1. Upgrade Your Security System

You may believe that you reside in the safest neighborhood on earth. But, in reality, criminal activity is rampant on every street, so it’s imperative that homeowners work to keep their properties as safe and secure as possible. You could begin by installing a high-tech security system, complete with motion-detection cameras and video doorbells. Although these systems can offer you a lot of peace of mind, they don’t actually deter criminals from trespassing on your property. If you’re eager to reduce your street’s crime rate whilst still working to upgrade your curb appeal, consider installing a high fence instead. These structures can easily be installed by a local fence company, meaning that you can choose from a number of different styles and shapes to ensure that they best suit your property. Thus, by implementing a high fence, you can rest assured that your family is safe from potential predators and that your home still looks fantastic. Angi also informs us that this service normally costs an average of $3,149, making it a relatively affordable way to improve your exterior.

2. Revel in the Beauty of Nature

There are a multitude of benefits associated with spending time in nature, including increased activity, reduced frustration, and better cardiovascular performance. Though many of us can enjoy a quick stroll around the park a few times a week, some homeowners are stuck in the confines of a concrete jungle. As such, these individuals may not get to experience the wonders of nature, leaving them feeling defeated and trapped. But, you also have the prime opportunity to bring the nuances of nature into your own space, especially in the form of backyard fish ponds. These assets are usually created by professional gardeners or specialist builders, meaning that you can enjoy a quaint structure, whilst also working to upgrade your overall curb appeal. Obviously, you would be expected to purchase and care for the fish themselves, but the actual pond itself is quite easy to obtain. Depending on the size of the pool and its materials, Lawn Love states that this service can cost anywhere between $3,675 to $14,500. However, the average price is a lot more affordable at just $7,400. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for families to enjoy an unusual pet as they continue to immerse themselves in the wonders of their native ecosystems.

3. Improve Your Garden

Our backyards are a key part of our overall curb appeal, so it’s imperative that homeowners keep these spaces in the best condition possible. Though mowing the lawn a few times a week can keep the area looking neat and tidy, if you’re looking to really upgrade your appearance, you should reach out to a range of landscaper services. These contractors are trained to take your humble backyard to the next level, installing a number of quaint pathways, adorable flower beds, and small structures. Therefore, this is an immense resource for homeowners who are looking to make their exterior seem more functional and inviting, especially if they’re keen to host neighborhood barbecues in the future. The cost of hiring a landscaper can vary from project to project, but The Spruce estimates that homeowners are expected to pay around $4-$17 per square foot. Though this may seem like an extortionate cost to some property owners, it can help to increase the overall value of your home, which is ideal for those looking to enter the property market in the next few years.

4. Use Smart Technology

Smart technology has managed to infiltrate every part of our daily lives. Not only can this type of technology improve our overall quality of life, but it can also give us a boost in curb appeal. Whether you decide to ask Alexa to turn on the lights or question Google about the weather, these devices help to bring even the most decrepit homes back into the 21st century. Although they’re normally used for leisure, these products can also support disabled people or elderly citizens in living a normal life. So, if you want to use a plethora of smart technology on every aspect of your property, consider recruiting a local electrician service. This is particularly aimed at those who want to improve their lighting system but are too intimidated to replace the switches themselves. Admittedly, many property owners could set these devices up by themselves, so this is definitely a useful resource for those who live on their own and don’t consider themselves to be very tech-savvy. This Old House explains that the average electrician tends to charge $40-$120 per hour, so this process could be quite affordable for most people.

5. Ensure Your Electrical System is Up to Date

If you’ve lived in the same home for many years, you may have noticed that your home is showing glaring signs of wear and tear. Although this is fairly common in traditional houses, if left untreated, these problems could lead to a series of hazardous risks. For example, if you’ve experienced frequent blackouts, shocks, or even just a poor performance from your most reliable appliances, it could be a sign that there is a fault in your electrical wiring. These concerns must be dealt with by a professional, so try to reach out to an electrician as soon as possible. These contractors will help to repair and restore your entire electrical network, which, as you can imagine, is a pretty pricey service. As such, Forbes highlights that this job can cost anywhere between $1,000 to $13,000, but usually costs an average of $7,000. This can be seen as a very costly process for most people, but it can help to extend the longevity of your home for many years to come. As a result, you can enjoy your home for much longer and spend this extra time working on its overall curb appeal.

6. Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sanctuary

According to FACES Magazine, the average American will spend a total of 33 years in bed. Though it may feel like we don’t get nearly enough sleep, it seems that we spend the vast majority of our lives in our humble bedrooms. But, if this space doesn’t evoke a sense of tranquility and peace, you may spend half of your life tossing and turning. One of the best ways to create a more productive sleeping environment is to block out any source of light during the nighttime. This not only includes natural light sources but also the light that’s emitted from our smartphones or tablets. In turn, you may benefit from discussing the prospect of adding blackout blinds to your bedroom with your local blind company. These blinds work to create an entirely dark environment for sleep, allowing you to drift off a lot easier than usual. Home Guide states that the average homeowner spends $30-$200 per window, which makes this a useful service for those who want to refine their curb appeal strategy as well as wake up feeling rejuvenated each morning. In addition, a set of high-quality blinds can also offer you a keen sense of privacy, which is useful when you’re looking to create cherished memories together as a family.

7. Check for Leaks

Even though our roofs are incredibly strong and sturdy, they are still vulnerable to a plethora of damage. As our roofs continue to age, they become prone to leaks and other faults, which can damage the entirety of our home. Plus, broken roofs can allow essential heat sources to escape, leading homeowners to crank up the heating during the colder months. Not only will this cause your heating bill to increase, but it’ll also make your home hotter during the summer months, making you uncomfortable all year round. Thus, if you’re looking to eliminate any signs of water damage and make your home seem more inviting, be sure to book a roofing service. This usually involves a set of roofing contractors visiting your home to survey the overall condition and performance of your roof. Therefore, whether your roof is in need of a few minor repairs or a complete replacement, these workers will be able to identify any glaring faults before they worsen. Although NerdWallet warns that the average roof replacement can cost up to $11,000, this service can be a great way to protect your home and your curb appeal. As such, by purchasing a new roof, you can better insulate your home and defend it against large levels of moisture build-up.

8. Remove Any Unruly Trees

Although a collection of looming trees can help to accentuate any backyard if they’re not maintained on a regular basis, they can actually disturb your next-door neighbors. When these branches become overgrown, they can potentially find their way into the opposite garden, reducing your curb appeal and placing a great strain on your relationship with your peers. In addition, damaged and disorderly trees can also be a prominent safety hazard, putting your life and others in grave danger. Even though you may not want to get rid of your glorious foliage, you should still consider reaching out to a local tree removal company to help get your garden back on track. These experts can help to identify any faulty trees and eliminate them in an orderly and safe fashion. Thus, you can be rid of these structures without having to worry about cleaning up the mess. US News Real Estate explains that it tends to cost $200 to $2,000 to remove an individual tree, depending on its size and stubbornness. In turn, this is a fantastic service for homeowners looking to form stronger bonds with their neighbors, whilst still striving to make their exteriors look as good as possible.

9. Restore Out-Dated Appliances

Although you may not think that restoring your old appliances will help upsurge your curb appeal, it can actually make you seem more resourceful and sustainable. This is especially important for those who live in particularly environmentally-conscious communities and are eager to fit in. So, instead of throwing away your decrepit kettle or toaster, try reaching out to some local general contractors to see if any of your items are still salvageable. Though many homeowners would prefer to replace their old appliances with a series of shiny new kitchen gadgets, your items probably still have a lot of value, especially if they’re considered to be vintage or family heirlooms. Some general contractors also work to oversee much larger projects, so they may be a fantastic resource for those looking to enjoy a complete home renovation process. So, depending on what you desire, you could see these types of workers as generic handymen or much more imperative managers. Thumbtack suggests that the national average cost to hire a general contractor is around $1,500, but small jobs could cost as little as just $50. Therefore, this is an excellent asset for those looking to extend their curb appeal whilst maintaining some of their most favored appliances.

Curb appeal is a very touchy subject and can make many homeowners feel very insecure about the overall appearance and atmosphere of their properties. Though it’s not the most integral aspect of owning a home, a good maintenance routine ensures that your property is kept in good condition and your neighbors are pleased. Therefore, you can continue to feel safe on your street and rest assured that your home is admired and well-loved by passers-by.

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